In vino veritas – ”truth lies in wine” …

The province around Mendoza is the most important wine region in Argentina. More than 50% of the 1.500 wine producers are located here.
Mendoza is not far away from the Andes and the highest mountain: Mt. Acongaua, with 6.962m the highest in America and outside Asia.
I wanted to climb up but after I heard that it takes between 13 to 15 days, you really need good weather conditions, a lot of people get anoxia [altitude sickness] and about 100 people died during their hike since the last 50 years…well, I had to stay in Mendoza 😉 .

So I took the bus to the wineries and on the sunniest day since I left Patagonia I had some guided tours incl. tasting through all the vineyards located adjacent to Maipu, a little wine-village. In the famous vineyard of Trapiche, one of the oldest – existing since 125 years, me was told that they produce 25.000.000 liters of wine each year. 45% is drunk by the Argentineans, the rest goes to foreign countries, for example Germany. These South American alcoholics used to drink 92 liters wine each year per person! Now the average consumer drinks about 32 liters wine (and eats 75kg of meat) – well I already had a feeling that the Argentineans are a little bit crazy, but they are really friendly. After the tasting in the 2nd winery I felt a little bit shaky but kept drinking. I met some guys from Australia/England/USA and stopped at a nice beer garden. I remembered the German saying: „beer after wine – that isn’t fine!“ – but who cares? 😉