Together with Janet & Michael I drove along the National Route 40, normally called Ruta 40, which is a route in western Argentina, stretching from the south in Santa Cruz Province to Jujuy Province in the north, running parallel to the Andes and displaying breathtaking views along the high mountains and lakes in the valleys.
Long parts of the route, are unsealed and lead through sparcely populated territory, but in fact the long tour has become a well-known adventure tourism journey.

There is no longer road than Route 40 in Argentina and it is one of the largest in the world (along with the U.S. Route 66 and the Stuart Highway in Australia). The Panamericana is longer but officially not counting because of its break in Dariém Gap between Panama and Columbia. However, it was another 24 hours in a bus and slowly bus riding  r e a l l y  sucks!

The program in Bariloche, the Argentinean Switzerland, was “bike’n hike”. After a long day on the mountain bikes I didn’t feel like hiking on the 2nd day. So I rented a car and drove from S.C. de Bariloche to San Martin de los Andes, a beautiful village in front of a cute lake and the beginning of huge mountain ranges. I invested 40 [damned] €uro to exchange my ticket to stay one more day in a wonderful appartment with a fire place and lake view.