When I asked myself which are the best spots to visit from Sambia, I came up with two options: To go up north to rainy Rwanda, climb through the bushes and the trees and crawl after gorillas in a malaria-contaminated jungle OR go to Mozambique lay on the beach, swim through the waves of the Indian Ocean, grill some fresh fish from the sea and get drunk with our friends from South Africa. I obviously went for Mozam.
After a horrible long ride from Lake Malawi through half of Mozam, I finally arrived late in the evening on the 27th of December. My friends were mad with joy when I alias Bigfoot turned into the campsite. I got a lot of hugs, a welcome drink, another welcome drink, a beer, another welcome drink and so on…
We spent a wonderful week at the beach, were we went diving, played lots of games and relaxed at the beach.

I wanted to leave on the 3rd of January, but Marco was not here yet. Eventually he arrived in the evening of the 3rd and we started out trip to Kruger National park in the morning of the 4th. In my gallery (Watch me!) you can get an idea how beautiful the Mozam beach is and how crazy my friends from SA are – enjoy 😉