I dropped Marco in Katete at the “Tikondane Project”, stayed with him for one day and then we separated. I went back to Chipata, because the diff.-oil was still leaking. But the guys at the workshop repaired the leak again without any charge.
I crossed the border to Malawi which was astonishingly easy and took just 15 minutes. The capital, Lilongwe, is just a 45 minutes drive from the border and the travel-bible Lonely Planet said that I had to go to Mabuya Camp Backpackers. I met a group of four travelers there; they had finished their study period abroad and traveled through Africa, just as I did in Australia after high school. We said that we might meet again in Cape Mclear, a beautiful spot at Lake Malawi and so we did. We spend some funny two days with drinking games, riddles and other funny jokes there, before I drove them back to Salima, because they wanted to go up to Tansania and I had to be in Mozam. We got caught by the police and got a ticket for „overloading the vehicle“ and had to pay 15 US$, which we negotiated down to 8 Us$.
Thanks guys for a very good time at the lake. I hope, I will see “Wisdom” in January and the rest during the Orange Queensday on the 30th of April in Amsterdam? 😉

PS: You guys forgot the Lonely Planet “East Africa” in my car; where should I send it to?