Visiting Thailand without seeing elephants is like visiting Italy without enjoying Pizza. 😉
There has been a long history of the domestication of elephants and through the last centuries, these monumental creatures have been played an integral part of the „Thai way of life“.
From the time of its birth up until the age of 4-5 years, an asian elephant is categorized as a kid.
A baby elephant is completely dependent on its mother’s milk for survival.
Between 14 to 60 years, the elephant becomes a „working adult“ and at approximately the age of 60, the elephant is „retired“ from work.
On my way through Thailand searching a place where elephants a treated well and live close to their natural environment it was just a lucky thing that I found “Elephant’s World” just beside the Road next to the Kwai River.

This project gives the senior elephants a safe home to relax and was established in 2008. Seven Elephants are living here at the moment. Five are older than 50 years and spending their last part of   life in this beautiful area. Two of them are 6 and 9 years of age, found in Bangkok and were transferred to Elephant’s World.

When I arrived I was welcomed by Dr. Samart, the veterinarian. After my walk around I enjoyed the bath time of the grey giants and during lunch I helped feeding them with some bananas.