The road sign says “Central Kalarahi 200 m”. The GPS says “Off road”. I engage the 4WD of my Bakkie, take a deep breath and turn left into the middle of nowhere. I passed the last patrol station 250 km ago and the next one is in Maun – 500 km ahead.
It took me 6,5 hours for the last 150 km. I have not seen a single person or another car on the whole way. I am absorbed in thoughts about the range, the car, the GPS and the sandy track. Every 5 minutes I check the level gauge and the motor temperature. I double check the direction with the sunset.
Now I am camping (illegally) at a waterhole in the middle of the Central Kalarahi. A giraffe drinks water from the waterhole and I can hear the lions roaring far away. There is a noise in the bush behind me, but I cannot find out what it is. Maybe another python, like the one I saw yesterday?
I turn around and I can feel that my back is not amused about this 9 hour drive over bumpy tracks.
Anyway I need to get some sleep, it’s already past nine and I will start tomorrow at 5am latest…