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Oktober, 2010 | Verenas + Jans Weltreise

Monatsarchiv für Oktober 2010

Expedition Southern Africa

written by am 28. Oktober 2010 | achived in Afrika, in English, Südafrika

Take a cheap flight to Johannesburg, buy a 4×4 and start driving up to Kenya – that was the plan. So I arrived in Jo’burg. Remember Marnus and Hon? The couple Verena and I met at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – Ko Phi Phi (Island). They are living in Pretoria […]

Cairo, Luxor, Egypt

written by am 6. Oktober 2010 | achived in Afrika, Ägypten, in English

During my flight research I found out that a lot of flights from Frankfurt to Johannesburg have a stopover in Cairo, Egypt. One of them was landing in Cairo at 9 a.m. but leaving late at 10 p.m. First I had the idea about hopping out of the aircraft in the morning, running up the […]

Kairo, Luxor, Ägypten

written by am 6. Oktober 2010 | achived in Afrika, Ägypten

Bei meiner Suche nach Flügen Richtung Süden stellte ich fest, dass viele günstige online-Angebote von EgyptAir waren und einen Stoppover in Kairo hatten. Einer davon landete morgens um neun und ging erst abends um zehn weiter.  „Na, wenn man schon einmal in Ägypten ist…“, dachte ich und plante, raus aus dem Flieger zu hüpfen, einmal […]