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Malawi with „Wisdom, Bratwurst, Miiiriiiaaam & Greed“

written by am 23. Dezember 2010 | achived in Afrika, in English, Malawi

I dropped Marco in Katete at the “Tikondane Project”, stayed with him for one day and then we got separated. I went back to Chipata, because the diff.-oil was still leaking. But the guys at the workshop repaired the leak again without any charge. I crossed the border to Malawi which was astonishingly easy and […]

from Chile to Bolivia

written by am 5. April 2010 | achived in Bolivien, in English, Südamerika

From Santiago (350m) to San Pedro de Atacama (2.300m) from there through the desert, salt lakes and geysers, to 4.850m above sea level, chewing coca leaves and meeting amazing Bruno – a doctor of desert in his jogging-dress 😉 –click here to read the whole story… Von Santiago auf 350m nach San Pedro de Atacama […]