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Bear Country Canada

written by am 17. Juni 2010 | achived in in English, Kanada, Nordamerika

After we left Vancouver we did not really know which way we should drive. It was the 10th of June and we wanted to start all the way down to New York on the 24th of June, so we had only 14 days for little Canada. Jan’s origin route from Vancouver via Anchorage to Yellowknife […]

Grizzlysuche in Kanada – da steppt der Bär

written by am 17. Juni 2010 | achived in Kanada, Nordamerika

Nachdem wir Vancouver verlassen hatten, stellte sich die Frage, welche Route wir einschlagen sollten. Die Uhr schlug den 10. Juni, am 24. Juni wollten wir uns auf den Weg nach New York machen, also blieben 14 Tage Zeit für das kleine Kanada. Jans ursprüngliche Idee, den Trans-Alaska-Highway bis nach Anchorage in Alaska hochzufahren und dann […]

Bear-attack in Yellowstone

written by am 1. Juni 2010 | achived in in English, Nordamerika, USA

We spent only half a day in Zion and Bryce Canyon. There is much more to see and to hike but we typically had not enough time, although the weather was pretty nice. Via Salt Lake City we drove directly to Yellowstone national park. Yellowstone was one of the first national parks in the world, […]