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Neuseeland | Verenas + Jans Weltreise

Auckland-Sydney-Buenos Aires

written by am 1. Februar 2010 | archived in Argentinien, Neuseeland, Südamerika

Qantas-FlugrouteWir sind gestern, es war der 01. Februar, um 12 Uhr mittags australischer Zeit von Sydney nach Buenos Aires gestartet, nachdem wir von Auckland nach Sydney geflogen sind.
Hier im Süden der Erde rumzufliegen ist ganz schön verwirrend. Erstens dachten wir, dass wir parallel zum Breitengrad fliegen. Im Flieger haben wir am Monitor dann gesehen, dass die Flugroute praktisch über die Antarktis führt. Dann sind wir die ganze Zeit mit der Sonne mitgeflogen. Also gab es nie einen Sonnenuntergang oder eine Nacht. Nach 13 Stunden Flug war es wieder Mittag, so als hätten wir gar keine Zeit verbraucht und zu allem Überfluss war auch bei Ankunft wieder der 01. Februar, da wir die Datumsgrenze überflogen.
Sonne über den WolkenWir sind sozusagen also gar nicht geflogen oder haben zumindest keine Zeit dabei verbraucht. Das Körpergefühl sagt jedoch irgendwie was anderes. Erstens ist es seit 24 Stunden hell und zweitens fühlen wir uns gerädert. Deshalb gehen wir jetzt ins Bett (um 12 Uhr mittags in Buenos Aires) Jan stellt natürlich den Wecker, damit wir nicht zu lange schlafen und anschließend im Jetlag hängen. Ob wir dann wirklich aufstehen ist eine andere Sache …
Grüße aus Südamerika – Verena & Jan

NZ’s Fjordland: Milford Sound & Routeburn Track

written by am 28. Januar 2010 | archived in Neuseeland

Ich packe meinen Koffer und...click!It was a shame that the the most famous of New Zenland’s “Great Walks” the Milford-Track was fully booked up to April. So we had a very rainy boat cruise on the Milford Sound. Then on a Friday morning we started to another Great Walk – “The Routeburn Track!” This track traverses 32 km trough the Fjordland National Park which is one of the most famous region on the Southern Island in NZ. To read more about our hiking experience (in german!) click here –> Den ganzen Beitrag lesen »

the Yellow-eyed Penguin

written by am 27. Januar 2010 | archived in in English, Neuseeland

australienOn our way through NZ’s South Island we met some cute animals. The Yellow-eyed Penguin is one of the rarest species of penguins in the world. We apologize for this shaky video but they were light-years away from our spot so we had to zooooooooooooom… anyway enjoy!


New Zealand – Kiwi, Kea & Co

written by am 15. Januar 2010 | archived in in English, Neuseeland

australienNew Zealand stretches 1.600km from Cape Reinga (North Island) to Bluff (South Island). Almost 4 million Kiwis, how the New Zealanders are called since the WWI (World War I) live here. Northland-Beaches-click!We arrived Auckland on the 4th of January after Jan did canyoning and abseiling during our last day in Sydney. Jans shoes were so wet and dirty, that they had to get washed and disinfected before we could get out of the customs at Auckland Airport. We drove to the Wicked Camper office and took over our Camper. 90 NZ$ per day is cheap but the equipment is very basic! WickedCamper-click!Most of the time we avoid the official campgrounds and spent the nights anywhere apart from the road. Only once we got caught by the park ranger, but he was very friendly and instead of giving us a fine (for camping illegally) he told us about beautiful spots where we should go. We explored the Northland, breathtaking beaches and wonderful national parks, driving along New Zealand’s winding roads over the mountains and through cold rainforests.

4Worldtraveller-click!In Rotorua we met Janet & Michael again on their way back to Auckland. We had only one day but we celebrated it as good as possible. Janet cooked tasty meals and we killed a lot of wine, champagne and beer 😉  We stayed on the beach overnight and after breakfast next morning it was time to say goodbye. Thanks again for all the stuff and we definitely will see you in Argentina!!
Sonnenstrahlen-click!The life in a camper can be very charming as long the weather is warm and the sun is shining. After we reached the South Island it got colder and more rainy so it was not always funny to stay in a minivan…
Jan got a fever attack only for just one day and after he felt better Verena got a cold – of course for a longer time than Jan.